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This is the most common shop ad. Many shops use this but don't have a website themselves. They just want internet exposure and a web address. There are more than 100 of these on our provincial sites now.

This ad contains:
  • a small map
  • four lines of script
  • color scan of the business logo or business card.
  • A free link to the shop's main web site is included if needed
This is all for a low price of $199 plus GST for one year.


Suppliers can be featured in two ways. They can have a Flash type ad (or full ad if there are no other clients) on provincial pages, or content pages. For ads on provincial or content pages ("Employment" or "Interesting links" for instance), the supplier receives a 1/3 page ad and bonus free link on the suppliers page.

The customer supplies the logo, all for a low price of $895 plus GST for six months.

For Flash type ads on the main opening pages, the price is $995 plus GST for six months. This includes a 1/3 ad and bonus link.


Receive an FREE web ad on autobody repairs page for becoming a member.
(Limited time only) (Please see 1/3 of page) offers a special discount to members of the
collision repair trade associations in Canada.
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Please call us for more information. 1-866-309-4272 or
e-mail   Even if you are happy with your web site, browse through the industry site-we're sure that you'll find it valuable, from the Autobody shop employment ads to the news releases and free downloads.

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