Action and results in the collision repair and auto refinish industry can only happen when strong trade associations exist and YOU support them.

  With Membership You Are Entitled To :

  • Discounted website placement to give you Internet exposure for as low as $25.00 plus GST, one time fee or $50.00 plus GST with a link to your website and or e-mail address
  • Discounted website employment, vehicles and parts for sale advertising at www.ciia.com which boasts up to 6,000 hits a day which is the largest and most popular autobody website in Canada.
  • Marketing assistance and manuals, including: Autobody Profitability Workbook, How to Market Your Collision Shop, Top Ten Steps to a Safer and More Profitable Shop, Prep for the Future Report, as well as a Health and Safety information package. New additions include a series of employee retention brochures.
  • Discounted training - WHMIS, First Aid/CRP, Estimating, Basic Collision Damage Estimating
  • Substantial discounts from several vendors - Health/Dental, Garage Policies, Estimating Software .
  • Employee/employer linkage programs, including grants and incentives packages
  • Local marketplace surveys and reports including municipal & utility company building update incentives.
  • Environmental data, simplified certificate of approval and technician equivalency packages, as well as various brochures, pamphlets and documents
  • Compliance assistance with enforcement and officer's orders, which includes a significant discounted rate for Certificate of Approvals using the new "screening tool" and online programs
  • Access to the "Members Only" section of www.ciia.com
  • Invitations to Industry seminars and workshops
  • Guest speaker opportunities at local auto career forums and trade shows
  • 23 available on-line courses for $3.00 per course, per person, including WHMIS, and hoist training
  • Access to over 360 potential apprentices on-line
  • Access to interactive spray booths at www.autobodyhelp.ca

The Collision Repair Association Has a Major Impact On:

  • Voluntary agreement with OEM manufacturers to obtain repair information and tool access (VISTA)
  • Energy Surcharge; the ability to charge an additional fee to recapture additional fuel and heating costs, not included in the normal door labour rate
  • Accident Scene Selection bans - more legislation, better efforts to eliminate "Bandit" towing to encourage a level playing field.
  • Joining forces with regulators and database providers to do away with "bottom line adjustments" and discounts in special Insurer contracts
  • Lobbying Insurers for higher door rates, to entitle the shop to a fair and reasonable labour rate
  • Urging Insurers to discontinue charging a surcharge in commercial premiums for young apprentices hired

Your Local Association:

  • Is a National Automotive Trades Association (NATA) affiliate member
  • Is a member of one of five Associations that are Directors of the federal CARS Council
  • Is the only auto body group to attend the high level meetings on inappropriate behaviour in Ontario's auto insurance industry
  • Has been invited by Claims Committee of the Insurance Bureau of Canada to speak on industry issues
  • Co-chairs the industry sub-committee with government on isocyanates emissions
  • Co-chairs the environmental compliance assistance program in Ontario

  The Collision Repair Association Has Succeeded In:

  • Fulfilling contracts with the Federal Government for First Nation and environmental auto body assistance
  • Co-ordinating local JobConnect/MTCU auto body job placement program
  • Providing leadership for secondary school auto body renewal programs
  • Operating the only auto body college/secondary school donations program (over one million dollars in donations to date)
  • Facilitating training for over 1000 students in environmental training courses
  • Providing sector specific training in Basic Collision Estimating, WHMIS, CPR/First Aid
  • Hosting National Career Days, with close to 3000 students in attendance at any given time
  • Assisting over 500 repair facilities in meeting environmental permitting requirements
  • Designing programs for over 580 structural inspections stations
  • Providing the only sector exemption for environmental permitting regulations
  • Providing the only simplified air emissions spray booth permitting program in the province
  • Assisting in introducing new regulations to control tow truck "chasing" in Ontario
  • Having the $300.00 towing cap eliminated in insurance policies
  • Introducing Collision Reporting Centre mandatory drop in By-Law
  • Providing industry health and safety assistance to lower WSIB premiums
  • Introducing government "Branding" regulations to reduce number of total losses
  • Providing Industry assistance to CISCO's Collision Industry Accreditation and Self-Management Proposal
  • Assisting Ministries in streamlining small business compliance requirements
  • Encouraging government to pass the new Consumer Protection Act, July 2005
  • Lobbying CCMTA and government to successfully ban use of rebuilt air bags
  • Assisting to introduce the Industry cd-rom "Art of Earning", in the collision repair industry. This cd was designed to attract young people into the industry (over 2800 sent out to date).
  • Reducing shop permitting costs by some 50% and introduced the environmental surcharge used in over 85% of shops to date
  • Lobbying to obligate mobile coatings applicators to meet environmental minimum compliance
  • (NEW) Reached agreement with OEMs in Canada for voluntary information sharing of data
  • (NEW) Small Business Loans arranged for shops with Industry Canada for spraybooth purchasing
  • (NEW) Online Certificate of Approvals program to save shops money and time announced by the association

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Your local Association continues to forward information to you via e-mail, fax and mail, but must have continued financial support to aggressively continue to assist our industry.

For additional membership information, assistance and updates on profitable programs, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-309-4272 or e-mail info@ciia.com

You may download information at anytime at www.ciia.com and www.autobodyhelp.ca