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This service is a forum for the exchange of ideas, social informations, constructive dialogue and concertation between all the automotive industry's concerned parties. Professional, consumers, individuals and all Internet users are welcome to participate.

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This Webpage is for the general information of Internet users, professionals, consumers and individuals. Businesses and companies cannot use these pages for their promotion, pressure groups and lobbyists cannot use them to push their vues, issues or do their recruiting.

You are asked to present your opinions with civility and in a constructive way that will help further the automotive industry's interests. Remember that you are subject to both Federal and Provincial Canadian laws and to your own country's laws. Offending parties will have to bear the consequences of their acts and words.

I refuse to use these webpages within the previously stated conditions. I want to exit now.


I am eager to share my views and informations with Internet users around the world and I accept the above conditions.

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