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The Collision Repair Industry INSIGHT Canada Customer Satisfaction Kit gives you the ability to efficiently keep track of how your shop is handling the quality of repairs and customer satisfaction. A commitment to customer satisfaction is essential to business survival in our industry.

Statistics show that:

- Your customer needs friendly empathy from shop personnel.
- Your customer wants information about the repair process.
- Your customer wants the vehicle back in pre-accident condition.
- Your customer wants the vehicle back in a timely fashion - when promised

Are you meeting your customer's expectations?

A comprehensive customer satisfaction system includes:

· Friendly and informative personal contact with the customer.
· Constant in-process monitoring of repair work.
· Vehicle inspection after completion of repair.
· On-time, as-promised delivery to the customer.
· Post-delivery follow-up.


It's the User-Friendly way to track your Customer Satisfaction Index!

The INSIGHT CSI Kit Contains:

- An explanation of the index.
- A sample report
- Sample customer forms.
- A supply of two-part postcards which allow the INSIGHT staff and you to monitor the progress of your Customer Satisfaction Program. This is the keystone to the process. When you deliver the completed repair job, the customer is given the postcard. The customer drops it in the mail to INSIGHT (postage paid by us). Any unhappy comments are reported to you immediately, often allowing you to turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied customer with quick action!
- A report will be compiled and the report shows the overall results from all customers and separately the results from the last report card received so that you can easily identify both strengths and weaknesses in your customer service.

INSIGHT's CSI Program...

INSIGHT's CSI Program...
Get the user-friendly shop tool that improves your shop's bottom line
by measuring and evaluating your customer service

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