Mandatory Training

Call 1-800-668-6945 (select option 4) for training dates

Call Ron Tarini at (416) 674-2242 for training dates

Call Paula Thisdelle (905) 890-1600 xt 243 for training dates

Call Chris Bue (952) 831-3181 or 1-800-970-2283 for training dates

Call Noreen McLaughlin at (416) 674-6633 xt 2287 for training dates

In mid-2001 the province of Ontario's Ministry of Environment introduced new changes to the mandatory Certificate of Approval that is required for every paint spray booth and associated equipment in the province.

One of those changes included a mandatory requirement for successful completion of a specified training course. All automotive painters and at least one management person (owner, manager, foreman, supervisor, etc.) must successfully complete the training.

The approximately 3-hour course can be taken two ways:

1) Taught by a classroom instructor through your paint company. A number of paint companies are only offering their course when enough students are registered so there may not be a course immediately available. Call your paint company or 1-866-309-4272 for more information.

2) Through a CD-ROM that is forwarded to you with the training manual. This option allows you to take the course at the best time and place that works for you. Call 1-866-309-4272 for help.

There is a test at the end of the course. 70% is the successful level for pass completion. A Notice will be forwarded to all students who successfully complete the course as well as a Notice sent to their employer for posting and record keeping. Ontario Ministry officials can request to see the Notice during an inspection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Ontario Ministry of Environment is enforcing this training requirement, and shops are already being issued offense orders. Should you receive an officer's order or a provincial offenses order to take this training, you should call 1-866-309-4272 or immediately and we can help you meet the order, and advise the officer with a request for time extension on the order as required. Further information and assistance, including use of a virtual spraybooth, is available at:

"I found the videos of local shops that used the information from this course to be really valuable"

One of the mandatory requirements of any Certificate of Approval issued since mid-2001 is the successful completion of a specified training course. "Profit from Good Environmental Management" will meet this need. Painter(s) and a management employee must take this course.

A number of the coatings firms are planning training sessions at locations other than their training centre.

Please call your coatings company for registration information.