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Collision Information and Industry Assistance ( has only one goal-to care for your shop and provide help for you. A shop that needs help will always get help. You have used our products and services before but perhaps not seen our name. We are a non-profit organization that is committed to making our member shops the best they can be-whether your goal is customer service (using our manuals, posters and training), profitability (using our posters, web updates, new programs, scam alerts, discounts) or simple avoiding being charged or paying fines for more and more difficult-to-understand legislation (using our engineers, vendors, permit program, environmental and health and safety managers).

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Who is HARA?

HARA (Hamilton District Autobody Repair Association) is a non-profit industry trade association, founded in 1988, dedicated to ensuring the industry and member collision repair facilities operate profitably in a professional, environmentally-friendly fashion for the benefit of consumers. HARA is a multi-award winner. Their success stories are too many to mention and are listed on the collision industry web site at , serving the collision repair industry, which received over 4 million hits last year alone.

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