Who is HARA?

HARA (Hamilton District Autobody Repair Association) is a non-profit industry trade association, founded in 1988, dedicated to ensuring the industry and member collision repair facilities operate profitably in a professional, environmentally-friendly fashion for the benefit of consumers. HARA is a multi-award winner. Their success stories are too many to mention and are listed on the collision industry web site at www.ciia.com , serving the collision repair industry, which received over 4 million hits last year alone. Learn More...


Trades Licensing Equivalency?

Not a licensed collision repair technician but have enough hours working to qualify? Have come from another country with good skills but need Ontario trades certification? Members can call and receive a free Collision Repair Trades Equivalency package from their HARA trade association at 1 866 309 4272 or info@ciia.com